Monday, 6 July 2009

Dr Howard Lee - "Grow Your Own or Starve!"

Dr Howard Lee, from Hadlow College for land-based industries in Kent, is coming to speak to the Guildford Environmental Forum and Transition Guildford on Monday 13 July on "Grow Your Own or Starve! The potential for Grower Groups". Dr Lee, who is a lecturer and the Sustainability Champion at Hadlow College, will cover examples from around the UK of community initiatives to grow food in public spaces, community supported agriculture, landshare, garden-share and other responses by local people to provide themselves with fresh food grown locally in every kind of space conceivable. This is a response to several factors including rising food prices, increasing concerns about our food security and the desire for fresh organically grown food.

The talk is in committee room 1 at GBC's Millmead offices at 1900, with refreshments from 1830.

All welcome... See you there!


  1. Hi,

    I notice that you're showing Age of Stupid tonight in Guildford. Please can you let us know where it will be and whether tickets are still available.

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi,

    The showing will be at 7pm at Abbots Hospital. The tickets cost £2 and you can buy online at, by phone on 020 7019 4947, or at the Tourist
    Information Centre, Guildford.

    For more details, see the PDF at: